8th Spain Open Mahjong Championship




The Asociación de Mahjong de Puzol “Los 3 Dragones”, announces to organize 8th Spain Open Mahjong Championship, which will be held on December 10th and 11th 2016 in the town of Puçol, exactly in Espai Jove de Puçol, Calle Carrera Buero Vallejo s/n. 46530 Puçol (Valencia), with the Mahjong Competition Rules (RCM) and the modality of the Tournament 6 sessions 120 minutes, with a value of 2 point MERS.

All players participating in the 8th Spain Open Mahjong and the 5th Portugal Open Mahjong also compete for Championing in the Iberia Cup (player with most points after the sum of points of the 2 tournaments).

This will be the tournament’s official website:


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All the information relating to the 8th Spain Open Mahjong Championship can be downloaded from here:


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You must send an Email to asociacionmahjongpuzol@gmail.com enclosing the Registration Form that you can download from here:


The organization will send you an email confirming your subscription and keep players informed.

Waiting to receive their applications, yours sincerely,
Tournament Organizing Committee 8th Spain Open Mahjong Championship